About Us

You’ve come back home from an exhausting day at work, planning to have your clique over for a fun game-night. Or you want step out for café latte on a lazy Sunday evening. Perhaps, you’re in the mood to just Netflix and chill. What outfits would you pick? Comfortable fits or stylish hits? A typical Sophie’s choice situation. Well, not anymore.In today’s times, the line between loungewear and an everyday fashion statement is constantly blurring. What if you could up your style game without compromising on comfort?

Inspired by the indomitable and confident aura of the Majestic Wolf, LA.Q.UNA respects hustle.

Fierce, bold and driven, the brand is for those who like to dress the part. Keeping your comfort in mind, we want to ensure you look your best when the world watches.

Trend-setting styles, extremely soft fabrics and complimenting fits, set yourself apart from the crowd.

Luxurious, comfortable and ever so stylish, we’ve curated a range of outfits for every mood.

Be a part of the LA.Q.UNA family today.

At LA.Q.UNA, we strongly believe that the modern woman is a force to reckon with. Fearless, bold and independent, she knows what she wants and she’s going to get it. She exudes confidence in her every step and turns heads wherever she goes. She’s aware of all trends in the fashion space but always goes for something that resonates with her personality – something that exudes finesse, elegance and class – just like her. But beneath this strong, level- headed woman is a head full of dreams. A muse to our brand, she’s inspired us to introduce artfully curated collections of luxurious loungewear and chic sleepwear.

Effortlessly stylish designs in comfortable fabrics and flattering silhouettes, look the part of the boss lady that you are. Become a part of the LA.Q.UNA family.