PJ Styles Under 2,999

At LQ, we literally have dreams about sleeping. For us, no feeling in the world compares to a casual evening of recreation. Lazy, laid-back soirees are our favorite kinda plans. And of course, as the weekend sets in, our bed becomes our sustenance.

Yeah, don’t confuse us for sloths. We work hard, but we chill harder. In today’s fast-paced lives, it’s only fair to pamper yourselves every now and then. To be able to look good, while feeling comfortable, that’s what we’re all about. Comfortable and stylish in equal part, our ensembles have you prepared for when the clique decides to do a drive-by, or when bae decides to come over for dinner.

So, turn on the tele, pour yourself some chardonnay, and slip into your fav LQ PJs!

Here are some of our favorite styles for you to slip into, for an at-home evening of leisure, that doesn’t break your bank.  Essentially, our top 10 picks from the 30 under Rs. 2,999  ensembles that you absolutely NEED:

  1. Hydra

For when the Sun beckons. A must-have for those comfy Sunday brunches!

  1. Melete

Experience the comfort of satin with a hint of lace. Button it up, wear it buttoned-down, this outfit can do it all.

  1. Mensa

Your new uniform for a sexy Sunday siesta. This one is a looker!

  1. Phoebe

Flipping through Vogue, sipping iced-tea, that’s how summer evenings are meant to be. Or maybe wine, to match this outfit?

  1. Carme

Available in an intense tone of blue. Slip into this outfit, press play on the Bose and grab yourself some strawberries with whipped cream to set the ball rolling.

  1. Tadeus

A great choice for a low-key night, this PJ set is in a league of its own.

  1. Marisol

Knotted high waist bottoms, a black tube-top, and the optional georgette cover-up poncho. You can flaunt these PJs, regardless of your plans for the day!

  1. Estella

A perfect choice for a casual session of Netflix and chill, this chic ensemble makes nightwear ever so stylish.

  1. Adrastea

Stylish and sophisticated, this outfit can make time standstill. Perfect for a session of Netflix and chill, the intricate meshwork on the shoulders and sleeves accentuates its appeal.

  1. Lazy Sapphire

Drawing the line, looking so fine. Featuring subtle stripes running its length, this chic PJ set is an all-time classic. Comfy fit and a stylish hit, this outfit is essential.

What’s your pick going to be?

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