She said yes in LQ

When he said “I would travel across the world for you”, she didn’t realize he meant it. Things true love can make you do.

Throwback to a day out of a dream.

A workaholic of sorts, London had beckoned her with some all-important meetings. She had planned all of them in advance, barring one of course- the most important one. The one she was oblivious to.

On what would have been her last day of a 5-day trip, he packed his bags in Delhi to surprise her like he usually would, only this time, it was different. On his way to the airport, dressed in his new Laquna velvet tracksuit (airport look on fleek!), he went through his checklist- his cap, his LQ eyemask for his nap on the flight, his favourite sneakers that she presented him with, and the small little from the jewelry store that held his future. Fortunately, he had his passport too, phew.

As the plane hit the tarmac, his heart skipped a beat- London never seemed so exciting. He jumped into a cab and was on his way, en route a journey that will last longer than the cab ride. Waiting just long enough for the car to come to a halt, he rang the bell. Ecstatic, elated and surprisingly well dressed for somebody who’d just rolled out of bed, she hugged him tight (glad that she was in her LQ sleeping suit, looking fresh as ever). Used to the pampering by now, she insisted she had expected him to come, almost with a sense of dismissive foresight. “I know you through and through, I can predict your surprises, bubs”. Oh, how she was wrong.

Looking forward to spending the day out together, she didn’t want to take time getting ready. Rightly recalling Instagram stories don’t go easy on anybody, she slipped into her go-to LQ organza jacket as they called for an Uber; she is after all the LQ woman. After a hushed-up lunch at her favourite restaurant and a quick bike ride by the Thames, he glanced at his watch. It was time to get married. “Let’s take a stroll through St.James Park”, he was seeking a way to do it just right. The moment they reached the park, he texted the photographer a quick heads-up. It was show-time.

Everything was in place- the Sun was the stage light, the chirping birds took care of the background music, and the trees swayed in a fun little shimmy. As they approached the bridge, he got down on one knee to sweep her off her feet. His knee barely hit the ground by the time she replied with a resounding yes!

Friends and family thrilled beyond measure, everybody sensed it coming. The countdown to their together forever had finally begun. It was only a matter of time, but the timing matters too. Doesn’t it?

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