LA.Q.UNA – ‘The Quintessential One’

Coming back home after a long day of slayin’ at work, we deserve to pamper ourselves. Nothing annoyed us more than that quick sprint to the wardrobe for a last-minute outfit change each time somebody would swing by in the evening. We took it upon ourselves to change the game forever. Now, having your clique over to watch the season finales doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be in your PJs.

When it comes to rummaging through our wardrobe looking for something to wear, the only thing we should be deciding is which outfit we’re in the mood for. The dilemma of having to pick between either looking like a dream or feeling like one, was something that didn’t make sense to us.

Here to fill the void between aesthetic styles and supreme comfort, the idea of our brand was conceived to bring the best of both worlds together. Finding its origin in the word ‘lacuna’, LA.Q.UNA has been introduced to fill the gaps in the fashion spectrum that have only widened overtime. To give the name more character, we sought inspiration from the Spanish words ‘La’ and ‘Una’, meaning ‘The One’, while the ‘Q’ in the name stands for ‘quintessential’.

Deciding on the logo was a stroll in the park. Indomitable, ferociously loyal, graceful, with a calming presence was exactly what we were going for. We had a persona in mind that reflected our brand perfectly. There was no two ways about it, it had to be the Majestic Wolf. We made use of nifty shades of grey (no pun intended) to give the logo a bit of a sharp and edgy look. Doubling up as a badge of honour, we perceive the logo on our ensembles to be a matter of pride. The name, the logo and the designs merged beautifully together; it was such a pleasure to see LA.Q.UNA spring into action and be out on the prowl.

Keeping in sync with the brand, our launch collection, aptly named ‘The She Wolf’ was inspired by the bold and confident aura of the Wolf. To set the ball rolling, we leaped into the market with artfully curated collections of luxurious loungewear, stylish resort-wear and chic sleepwear for the modern woman.

Aspiring to make LA.Q.UNA a regular feature in your evening wardrobe, our vision is to cater to all your sleep related needs. When we say ALL your sleep related needs, we mean it. Our exciting range of accessories includes plush cushion covers, comfy eye-masks, versatile hot water bottles, amongst other things. Taking one step at a time, we would love to introduce a line of luxury lounge-wear for men and children one day.

An alpha in the industry, it’s only a matter of time before we start leading the pack.

A good time to join the wolfpack, try a LA.Q.UNA today.

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